Reducing stress while in lockdown

How to reduce stress and limit breaking out during quarantine

Turn your thoughts around

As strange as the world may seem right now, and many of us are forced to work and study from home it’s important that we refocus attention away from thoughts of “I am stuck inside” to “I can finally focus on myself and my thoughts”. Ensuring that you are doing at least one productive thing per day can be a huge help to your overall mood and promote a positive attitude. Set your sights on tasks that you would usually be avoiding, such as reorganizing areas of your home, think the dreaded bathroom cupboard packed full of expired products and those makeup brushes that haven’t had a clean in a few months! Or work on setting goals for things you want to achieve during this lock down period, such as learning a new recipe, setting fitness goals and focusing on your skincare routine. Keeping your mind busy doing tasks will make sure you don’t get stuck day after day not being able to achieve anything and stressing yourself out.

Stick with your routine

So now you’re home all day, your normal routine will be well and truly out of the window! But it’s really important that you try and stick to some normality as much as you can. Wake up and go to bed around the same time as you usually would, this will help you get back into your routine as soon as the lock-down period is over and will help you to feel less sluggish during the day. Ensure you are showing every day, including sticking to your normal skincare routine! Heightened stress levels can severely impact how your skin behaves (hello breakouts) so it’s very important you are still washing your face morning and night to ensure excess oils, dirt and debris are washed off the skin before clogging pores and causing pimples. Being at home is a great time to give your skin a break from wearing makeup everyday, just opt for a light layer of moisturiser and SPF and let your skin breathe. Ensure you are staying active and if you can’t hit the gym, try going for a walk at least once a day to get some fresh air and keep your body moving- just ensure you still layer up on that SPF if you’re headed outdoors!

Eat well

Along with sticking to your normal routine when it comes to breakfast, lunch and dinner boredom can strike at any time encouraging you to raid the fridge for snacks and pick-me ups. Now more than ever, it’s important we take care of our health especially as we are heading into the winter months with the cold and flu looming. Eating as healthy as possible is not only important for our physical health but our psychological well-being as well and has been proven to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. A balanced diet ideally consists of a variety in foods rich in vitamins, minerals and zinc, ensure you’re getting enough greens throughout the day and prepare healthy snacks such as cut up fruit and vege sticks to avoid grabbing a packet of chips or chocolate bar next time your boredom leads you to the fridge.

Limit time spent on your phone
The TV and internet is flooded with news on COVID-19 and whilst it’s extremely important to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world, it’s also important to give your mind a rest from the constant of social media. Set times each day, for as long as you can bear without looking at your phone and focus your attention elsewhere. Even if it’s just for an hour and focus on something more creative like trying a new recipe or reading. Trust me the 2 hours of scrolling though Tik Tok will still be there when you return to your phone!

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