foods that clear/congest

A great skincare regime is key when it comes to clear skin but the old saying ‘you are what you eat’ comes into play here too! Our diet essentially provides the building blocks of our skin cells so if you choose an unhealthy diet, don’t be too surprised if your skin looks unhealthy too! Sometimes, especially in our teen years, factors beyond our control cause breakouts but avoiding certain foods while embracing others will certainly help you win the fight against pimples!

So, let’s take a look at which foods are our friends and which foods can make breakouts worse;

Eat lots of these:

  • Oily Fish

  • Oily fish such as salmon and sardines contain heaps of Omega 3 oils which are amazing for your whole body but particularly your skin! What these guys do is lower inflammation, which can clog your pores causing breakouts and then make breakouts angrier and slower to heal. Omega 3 oil can also cause the oil glands in your skin to produce a better quality oil which is less likely to become thickened and cause the blockages which become pimples.

  • Nuts

  • As well as providing that precious Omega 3 oil (particularly walnuts!) nuts are an excellent source of Selenium and Vitamin E. These two superheros protect your skin cells from damage and infection so think of them as your skin’s own line of defense!

  • Oysters

  • These slippery suckers contain loads of zinc and anyone who suffers from breakouts wants to get lots of this into their diet! Zinc has powerful antibacterial properties as well as giving anti-inflammatory benefits. We get that oysters may be a little fancy to make a part of your staple diet so sunflower seeds can do the trick too.

  • Low GI foods

  • Low GI foods work wonders in preventing spikes in our blood sugar which is bad news for skin. A sudden increase in blood sugar causes a rise in insulin which means skin inflammation and signals our skin to produce more oil. Go low GI and keep things nice and stable instead. Awesome low GI foods include; Whole grains, legumes and fruit and veges.

  • Water

  • This is a no-brainer. Hydration is essential for general skin health so as well as using a lightweight moisturiser, get your 8 glasses in!

  • Probiotics

  • Probiotics have become big news in skin health, including the fight against acne. Providing your skin with lots of beneficial bacteria means a healthy skin microbiome. This can mean less inflammation and a generally healthy skin.

    Steer clear of these:

  • Dairy

  • It’s still a little unclear as to why dairy seems to worsen acne for lots of people. One theory is that the hormones contained in cow’s milk can increased levels of testosterone which we know can bring on breakouts. It’s also thought that dairy products can cause inflammation which in turn may lead to clogged pores. Yoghurt, however, can help rather than hinder your skincare efforts. As already mentioned, the probiotics in this treat can work to create a healthy skin microbiome which helps to keep breakouts under control.

  • Sugar

  • As explained earlier, a spike in sugar-levels in our skin means a sudden increase in insulin, not ideal for our skin! What can happen from here is inflammation and a message to our sebaceous glands to make more oil, hello pimples!

  • Chocolate

  • Sorry guys but this wasn’t a myth, chocolate really can make you break out! Chocolate is basically a pimple waiting to happen with the sugar/dairy combo that it is. Oh so sad, but true. Make it an occasional treat only if you want to get on top of your breakouts.

  • Unhealthy Oils

  • Those oils that your takeaway treats are fried in? The ones your favourite chips are coated in? They’re bad news for breakouts! As well as being inflammatory which we know causes pimples and hinders their healing, eating lots of saturated and trans fats can mean that your sebaceous glands produce a poorer-quality oil which is more likely to block pores and create pimples.

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