butt acne

So…Butt Acne. It’s not cute and kinda embarrassing so no one talks about it, but this wee annoyance is super common! So, let’s put Butt Acne out there and look at what causes it and what we can do to put it behind us (like what we did there?)

Despite what many of us think, pimples on our bum are a completely different thing to the ones we see on our face. Facial pimples are caused by a blockage made up of old skin cells and an excess of oil. You may have noticed that there isn’t a lot of oil going on at all in our butt area, so they have a different origin altogether.

you may see pimples on our bum due to one of the following things;


Folliculitis is an inflammation of the hair follicle which has had some bacteria join the party, resulting in a sore, red and sometimes puss-filled bump. The follicles on our bum can easily become irritated by some friction from tight, rubbing clothing or a Spin class and, particularly with the latter, sweat can often become involved too. As we know, there’s bacteria in our sweat so that’s a recipe for disaster.

If folliculitis is an issue for you, prevention is key. Try wearing looser clothing in a breathable fabric such as cotton and see if that makes a difference. If visiting the gym for a good sweaty workout, don’t delay that shower as leaving bacteria-laden sweat to hang around is just asking for a spotty bum!

To get rid of existing spots, treat the skin gently to avoid further inflammation as this will worsen things. This means no loofah or any other type of scrubbing, opting instead for a chemical exfoliant such as Clear Start’s Flashfoliant which uses Salicylic Acid to loosen blockages and give an anti-bacterial effect. You can even use a targeted spot treatment such as Clear Start’s Breakout Clearing Booster to really speed up the disappearance of your spots.

Keratosis Pilaris

This common, bumpy issue often shows up on the upper arms as well as our bums. A build-up of keratin (protein that makes up our skin) in our follicles can cause little blockages which become small spots. These can be colourless, red or a have a purplish hue. Keratosis Pilaris can be tricky to treat but regular exfoliation should help matters. Again, Flashfoliant can work wonders here!

Contact Dermatitis

A sensitive bum may see a red rash appear due to perfumed laundry powders, scented wet wipes or another irritant. To avoid this uncomfortable situation, be careful to use sensitive, fragrance-free options and/or try to work out what’s triggering the dermatitis and avoid the culprit!


This fungal infection thrives in warm, moist areas so it’s no surprise that it commonly turns up on bums! This condition is a little harder to eliminate and will usually require the use of an anti-fungal cream from the pharmacy.

If your butt acne becomes severe and/or just won’t go away, you may need to visit your GP. Don’t let a little bit of embarrassment stop you from ridding your butt of this annoying problem once and for all!

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